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Artist Statement

As an artist working primarily in making the internal external, my work has depicted an intensely personal exploration of the impact of my recent diagnosis of Autism as a 45-year-old man. My art tends to focus on a deep desire to communicate how my experience of the world has been fundamentally different from “normal” people, and how having validation of that fact has led to an unravelling of my sense of self.

I have been inspired to try and express what I cannot express verbally through my art. I worked for 20 years as a photographer, videographer and documentarian. Five years ago a debilitating neck injury forced me to retire. Without the structure of work and social interactions my world and sense of self collapsed upon itself. I had no outlet for my creativity until I picked up drawing again 2 years ago after a 20 year hiatus. In an attempt to escape the gravity of my collapsing world, I sent over 200 drawings to people across the world over the next few years, creating a global transient exhibition of my growth as an artist. This past year, my son and I were diagnosed with Autism. I began pouring all of my practice into a collection called “My Mind is Meat” where I am attempting to show how it feels to live in a world that was not built for me. I work solely in pen and ink and marker. I am easily distracted, so restricting myself to one medium allows me to focus on content over process.

My goal with my recent work is to form a base of advocacy and a jumping off point for empathy from “normal” people. I would like the world to have a more personal understanding of the intensity of the autism experience so that my son and children like him grow into a more gentle world than I have experienced. I would like to be a voice for what it
means to be a “functioning” autistic adult.

Artist Resume

Chad Knutson
1790 Wordsworth Ave St. Paul MN 55116
TimBuktuDraws.com • IG: @mntimbuktu


Retired/Disabled. I Draw. A lot. My objective is to express the internal autistic struggle that I cannot communicate verbally. Neurodivergent ASD/ADHD


Over fifteen years as a creative video producer, photographer and editor. Responsible for marketing one of the most watched and respected newscasts in the country. Managed both creative branding and execution of campaigns across television, radio, print, billboards, web and social media. 2011 Emmy Award Winner. Edited “Ohiyesa: The Soul of an Indian” for PBS, Amazon etc. Official Selection of the Twin Cities Film Festival. Disabled in 2018 ending video career. Transitioned to drawing in 2021 sending off over 200 gifts in the span of 18 months as an attempt to find an outlet after losing photography. I draw. A lot.

28th Extremely Minnesota Art Show
Robbin Gallery

Fresh Eye Gallery

The 9th Annual Black and White
Hallberg Center for the Arts

Art Fluent 

Emotional Thresholds

Art Fluent: Emotional Thresholds

Media Specialist, Photographer & Editor 11/2014-2020
Minnesota Historical Society St.Paul, MN
• Produce long form video packages

Senior Creative Services Producer 12/2006-08/2014
KARE 11 Television
Minneapolis, MN
• Create and execute large scale, station wide branding across all platforms

Bachelor of Arts, Film Degree Earned, 2000
Columbia College, Chicago, IL